Wednesday, April 24, 2019

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Turn 4 & 5 (The Flip-Flop)

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Turn 4 & 5, known as the flipflop, is a right left combination that requires a quick change of direction between the two corners.  The best course of action for these turns appeasr to be to turn tighter into Turn 4 and minimise the run out of the turn in order to open up the apex of Turn 5.  If done correctly you will be able to get onto the power and accelerate right through Turn 5 and onto the back straight.  Be careful not to run too wide out of Turn 5 though as there is a chain popping drop off on the right side of the track leading onto the rear straight.

On the entry of Turn 4 you will find the A-track cut-thru, and on the exit of Turn 5 is the B-track cut-thru.